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Rosemary and Liz with the hens

Free Range Hens

We have 6000 chickens who live free range on our farm – that’s a lot of eggs! The eggs are so fresh and are extra tasty because the hens are able to feed on all of their favourite titbits. They spend their day scratching the soil and dust bathing getting all the fresh air, exercise and nourishment that any self-respecting chicken should enjoy.

Fresh eggs

They are treated like royalty, so you get the highest-quality eggs that are fit for a king. The hens live in a purpose-built unit we call 'Clucking-ham Palace' where they have 15 acres to roam free and live the life of Riley.

Our eggs are sold in the farm shop, usually no more than 24 hours old, plus we use them in most of our home cooked delights. They comply with the Lion Quality and are certified by the RSPCA Freedom Food Standards.